Cobo Smart Account

Cobo Smart Account 一个简单的智能合约钱包,钱包的资产保存在 Cobo Smart Account 本身的智能合约中。其 Account Address 就是合约自身。Cobo Smart Account 可直接通过 calldelegatecall 发起交易。


contract CoboSmartAccount is BaseAccount {
    /// @dev Perform a call directly from the contract itself.
    function _executeTransaction(
        TransactionData memory transaction
    ) internal override returns (TransactionResult memory result) {
        address to =;
        uint256 value = transaction.value;
        bytes memory data =;
        if (transaction.flag.isDelegateCall()) {
            // Ignore value here as we are doing delegatecall.
            (result.success, = address(to).delegatecall(data);
        } else {
            (result.success, = address(to).call{value: value}(data);

    /// @dev The contract itself.
    function _getAccountAddress() internal view override returns (address account) {
        return (address(this));

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