Soft Key Recovery

Use Case

If the MPC key share managed by you (i.e. the client) is lost, corrupted or compromised, you are advised to initiate soft key recovery at the earliest possible time with the assistance of Cobo and your entrusted third party. A soft key recovery will generate a new set of three MPC key shares. The MPC root extended public key and your wallet/asset information will remain the same.


Your entrusted third party must have one TSS Node, which stores a MPC key share, that is active and has been configured on Cobo Custody Web.


  • Refer to “TSS Node Deployment” section in “TSS Node User Guide” to deploy and start up a new TSS Node

  • Inform your entrusted third party to bring its TSS Node online and confirm each other’s Node ID

  • Update the Node ID of your TSS Node on Cobo Custody Web; please refer to “Web User Guide” for more information

  • Make sure that the MPC root extended public key on Cobo Custody Web is the same 1) as the one you've noted down prior and 2) the one displayed in the TSS Node log

  • Execute the following command to verify that the database file contains the new group information and the old MPC root extended public key

./ info group
  • Properly back up all associated data and keep them secure after the new set of three MPC key shares are generated

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