View Transactions

Transaction List

You can switch to the “Transactions” tab to view all transactions under the selected send / receive wallet.

The following information will be displayed:

  • Transaction type

  • Name of the coin and the transaction quantity (i.e. a positive number indicates that coins are transferred in; a negative number indicates that coins are transferred out)

  • The “from address” of the transaction

  • The receiving address of the transaction

  • The current status of the transaction (e.g. "Success" indicates that the required number of confirmations has been reached)

  • The transaction timestamp

Transaction Details

You can click on the arrow icon on the left to view the detailed information of a transaction.

If the withdrawal request is initiated by the spender or the request has triggered the risk control policy of the send / receive wallet, it will be reviewed by the approvers. In this case, the status of the review process will also be displayed in the pop-up window.

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