Apple MacBook

Please upgrade the operating system of your Apple MacBook to the latest macOS version, and complete the required security configurations.

Things to Note

  • Do not use an unknown portable storage

  • Do not let your computer sync with iCloud

  • Do not log in to your Apple ID with this computer

Security Configurations

  • Disable Bluetooth

  • Disable AirDrop

  • Turn on FileVault

  • Turn on Firewall

  • Set a complicated administrator password using a password manager (e.g. 1Password)

  • Set Lock Screen

  • Disable Handoff

Advanced Configurations:

If a third-party management system (e.g. Jamf) is used, you are also recommended to configure the following advanced security settings:

  • Your computer password cannot be less than 12 characters; it must also have at least one letter, one number and one character; your password cannot be the same for three consecutive times; a single password is valid for 90 days; please make sure to change the password when you are prompted to do so

  • Make sure to disable iCloud, Apple ID and Family Sharing

  • Make sure to disable App Store

  • Make sure to disable internet accounts and logins using local mail clients

  • Configure your privacy settings to avoid automatic transfer of data to Apple

  • Make sure to disable all sharing services (e.g. tethering, bluetooth sharing, file sharing, screen sharing)

  • Make sure to disable all remote software

Docker Engine Installation

Docker Engine is required for running the TSS Node. Please refer to the official Docker website to complete the installation of Docker Desktop For Mac.

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