TSS Node Package

Based on the deployment method, TSS Node package has two versions:

  • SGX security enhanced version is applicable to a SGX-ready server; the package name is cobo-tss-node-linux-sgx-<VERSION>.tgz

  • Off-the-shelf version is applicable to an off-the-shelf server or an Apple MacBook; the package name is cobo-tss-node-generic-<VERSION>.tgz

Please contact Cobo’s customer support to acquire a version of the TSS Node package that fits your deployment method.

The following uses the off-the-shelf version of the TSS Node package as an example:

cobo-tss-node-generic-<VERSION>.tgz  (TSS Node file) 
packagecobo-tss-node-generic-<VERSION>.tgz.sha256 (hash file)

Please check the SHA256 (256-bit) checksums to verify whether the TSS Node package is valid.

sha256sum cobo-tss-node-generic-<VERSION>.tgz

Note: please execute the following command to check the SHA256 (256-bit) checksums if an Apple MacBook is used.

shasum -a 256 cobo-tss-node-generic-<VERSION>.tgz

The SHA256 (256-bit) checksums must be the same as the file hash value. For example:

$ cat cobo-tss-node-generic-<VERSION>.tgz.sha256 
7e2ba53dfc79458ab30b8e8ce8278e2fd93932e10bb6af725b0beb055965d1f2  cobo-tss-node-generic-<VERSION>.tgz
$ sha256sum cobo-tss-node-generic-<VERSION>.tgz
7e2ba53dfc79458ab30b8e8ce8278e2fd93932e10bb6af725b0beb055965d1f2  cobo-tss-node-generic-<VERSION>.tgz

Once verified, please execute the following command to unzip the TSS Node package.

tar -xzf cobo-tss-node-generic-<VERSION>.tgz

The following directory will be shown after you unzip the TSS Node package:

├── configs
│   └── cobo-tss-node-config.yaml.template (default configuration file template)
└── tss-node.sh (startup script)

Unless otherwise specified, all subsequent commands in this user guide should be executed under the root directory of the unzipped TSS Node package (e.g. the cobo-tss-node-generic path).

TSS Node Command Lines

The TSS Node command lines under all three operating environments (i.e. SGX-ready server, off-the-shelf server, and Apple MacBook) remain the same. However, the execution of command lines is slightly different.

  • For SGX-ready server and off-the-shelf server, sudo access is required to deploy and run TSS Node. In other words, sudo commands must be inserted:

sudo ./tss-node.sh status
  • For Apple MacBook, no sudo access is required:

./tss-node.sh status

Unless otherwise specified, all subsequent commands in this user guide use the off-the-shelf server as an example.

TSS Node Container Images

Please execute the following command to check whether all required dependencies and drives have been installed. If this is the first time that you configure the TSS Node, the latest container images will also be pulled.

sudo ./tss-node.sh status

Output example:

$ sudo ./tss-node.sh status
[sudo] password for ubuntu:   (ubuntu account password)
Checking docker engine ... OK, version: 20.10.22
Checking container image ... Image not found: coboglobal/tss-node:v0.3.0

Going to pull container image coboglobal/tss-node:v0.3.0 ...

Login Succeeded
v0.3.0: Pulling from coboglobal/tss-node
4e7e0215f4ad: Pull complete
7fd35d9d7f31: Pull complete
86c277e0f34d: Pull complete
4f4fb700ef54: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:9dd6c67522b6f36df61e2a945d6093683fd4c980e5e15d3bcdd661ca8e062578
Status: Downloaded newer image for coboglobal/tss-node:v0.3.0
Checking container image ... OK, id: sha256:8ab0c7353f5b62cdff5bdc6d9a436f0d99079d404b080aa6a61f594fe6446ba8

Checking TSS-node daemon ... not running

Please use './tss-node.sh start' to start the daemon.
Please use './tss-node.sh init' if the tss-node is not initialized yet.

By now, all dependencies are deemed to have been successfully configured and the TSS Node is ready for initialization.

TSS Node Package Description

Default Configuration File: configs/cobo-tss-node-config.yaml.template

The TSS Node will connect to the development environment by default, and no configuration file is required for the TSS Node to run.

If you would like to connect to the production environment, you will need to manually modify the configuration file and initialize the TSS Node to generate a new Node ID.

To do so, please create a copy of cobo-tss-node-config.yaml.template and rename it as cobo-tss-node-config.yaml. You can then paste the new file under the configs directory. For more information, please refer to “TSS Node Configuration Method.” You need to restart the TSS Node package once the configuration file is modified.

Startup Script: tss-node.sh

The TSS Node package contains a startup script, which serves the following functions:

  • Check whether the required software and drivers have been successfully installed

  • Pull container images of the TSS Node

  • Manage the running status of containers

The startup script will pass most of the commands and parameters into the cobo-tss-node program in the containers.

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