TSS Node Initialization

Please execute the following command:

sudo ./tss-node.sh init

Output example:

$ sudo ./tss-node.sh init
[sudo] password for ubuntu:   (ubuntu account password)
Type password (at least 8 characters):  (enter password)
Retype password:  (re-enter password)
INFO[2023-01-13T05:12:04Z] Initialize database: db/secrets.db
INFO[2023-01-13T05:12:04Z] Initialize Node ID: cobo73VA6C6WvofPg8tWYmqvdUF1cPYhd7EmGUxTexz5HCzYe
INFO[2023-01-13T05:12:04Z] Generate callback public key:
-----END PUBLIC KEY-----
INFO[2023-01-13T05:12:04Z] Start to initialize TSS parameters; the process may take several minutes
INFO[2023-01-13T05:12:11Z] Complete initialization of TSS parameters
INFO[2023-01-13T05:12:11Z] Complete initialization of TSS Node keys and data

Execution workflow:

  • During TSS Node initialization, the system will check whether Docker Engine has been successfully installed and build the container image; you'll be prompted to approve the auto installation of Docker Engine

  • If a SGX-ready server is used, the system will also check whether the SGX driver has been successfully installed; you'll be prompted to approve the auto installation of the Intel DCAP 1.41 driver

  • You'll need to set a password to encrypt the data generated during TSS Node initialization; the disaster recovery process is required if you lost access or need to modify the password; you're recommended to set a complex password between 16-32 characters using a password manager (e.g. 1Password) and store the password on a secure device

  • The database file will be generated automatically and the default path is db/secrets.db

  • The Node ID will be generated automatically (e.g. cobo73VA6C6WvofPg8tWYmqvdUF1cPYhd7EmGUxTexz5HCzYe) and serves as the unique identifier of the TSS Node; the Node ID will be used when you configure the TSS Node on Cobo Custody Web

  • The callback key will be generated automatically and printed; for more information, please refer to the "TSS Node Callback" section

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