TSS Node Startup

Please execute the following command:

sudo ./tss-node.sh start

Output example:

$ sudo ./tss-node.sh start
Container started: 4d33d31066279927bd0f9e283aa60454ac02a040a6f49e684ee372321bd41065
Wait a few seconds ..
Enter TSS Node password:  (enter password)
Version: v0.3.0
Build mode: prod
Git commit: 45431a4b3d4ad8ddf4a52aab619f41353310f0ba
Build time: 20230112T111204

INFO[2023-01-13T05:13:32Z] Waiting for password input on HTTP endpoint.
Embedded Risk Control Rule:
|__ Enable: false
INFO[2023-01-13T05:15:09Z] TSS Node ID: cobo73VA6C6WvofPg8tWYmqvdUF1cPYhd7EmGUxTexz5HCzYe
INFO[2023-01-13T05:15:09Z] WebSocket connecting to wss://ws.tss.dev.cobo.com/ws
INFO[2023-01-13T05:15:10Z] Start to register service


If the TSS Node has not been configured on Cobo Custody Web, the TSS Node registration status will be returned as "failed.” You can proceed with the subsequent steps first.

Once you have successfully configured the TSS Node on Cobo Custody Web, the registration status will be updated to the following:

INFO[2023-01-13T05:17:09Z] TSS Node registration accepted

You can press Ctrl+C to exit, and the TSS Node will continue to run on the backend.

For more information on how to check the running status of the TSS Node, please refer to the appendix.

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