Manage API

You can use the REST API to access the Cobo MPC Co-Managed Custody services via Cobo Custody. Currently, two types of APIs are supported:

  • Querying: this API is used to request information such as addresses, balances, transaction records and more

  • All: (withdrawal & querying): this API is used to query information and initiate withdrawal request

The API key is used for identity verification when the client communicates with the Cobo server using API. Cobo will only collect the client’s public key to verify its signature. Please note that Cobo will never ask for the client's private key. The client must keep its API key safely and never disclose it to anyone else.

The client needs to enter its public key in the "Public Key'' column as shown on the screenshot above. For more information on the private/public key pair and API authentication, please click here. If you have any questions, please contact

The client can edit the description of an API key and bind an IP address, but cannot modify a public key that has already been added. If a private key is lost, the client must delete the corresponding API key immediately and generate a new pair of public and private keys at the earliest possible time.

There is no limit to the number of APIs a client can create. Each API key can be associated with multiple IP addresses. You are recommended to separate these addresses by commas (e.g.,

Please note that the admin who initiates a request to add an API key or modify a IP whitelist will need to authorize each request on Cobo Auth.

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