TSS Node Configuration & Callback Server Startup

TSS Node Configuration

You’ll need to complete the following steps on the server where the TSS Node is deployed.

  • Copy the callback server’s RSA public key file to the configs directory of the TSS Node

├── configs
│   ├── callback-server-pub.key
│   └── cobo-tss-node-config.yaml
  • Modify the cobo-tss-node-config.yaml file

    • cb_server

      • service_address indicates the callback server address

        • pubkey_path indicates the file path of the callback server’s RSA

    • token_expire_minutes indicates the timeout period of the JWT (unit: minutes)

    • retry_time indicates the number of retries if the callback request fails

    • sleep_seconds indicates the time interval between each retry (unit: minutes)

You can configure multiple callback servers. The following output uses two callback servers as an example:

    - service_address: http://callback-server-01:8080/v1/check
      pubkey_path: configs/callback-server-pub-01.key
    - service_address: http://callback-server-02:8080/v1/check
      pubkey_path: configs/callback-server-pub-02.key
  token_expire_minutes: 2 
  retry_times: 60
  sleep_seconds: 60

TSS Node & Callback Server Startup

Once the aforementioned configuration has been completed, you can start up the callback server and the TSS Node.

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