Create MPC Wallet(s)

Once the MPC root extended public key is generated, the admin can create one or multiple types of MPC wallet on Cobo Custody Web. If the MPC root extended public key is not yet generated, the admin will be prompted to add TSS Nodes first.

The admin can click on "Co-Managed Wallet" on the left-side navigation bar. Currently, two types of MPC wallet are supported: send/receive wallet, and Web3 wallet.

The send/receive wallet is primarily used to send and receive coins. It supports multiple chains and coins such as BTC, ETH, and TRON. The Web3 wallet is primarily used to interact with dApps and manage NFTs. It supports EMV-compatible chains and tokens.

The admin can assign different members as the spender, withdrawer, etc. for each wallet. Once the wallet has been successfully created, the admin can also configure an independent risk control policy and API key for each wallet in order to use Cobo MPC WaaS via API.

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