TSS Node on Cobo Custody Web & MPC Root Extended Public Key Derivation

To configure/add the TSS Node on Cobo Custody Web, please refer to the following steps:

  • The client who has been granted the admin right can log in to Cobo Custody Web

  • Head to "MPC TSS Node" under "Settings" to add the TSS Nodes; the TSS Nodes managed by the other two parties must be kept online during this process

  • All three parties must jointly generate three MPC key shares, which will be stored locally in a distributed manner

  • The MPC root extended public key will also be generated, which can be used to derive all wallet addresses under this MPC wallet via BIP 32

Note: please make sure that the MPC root extended public key shown on Cobo Custody Web is the same as the one displayed in the TSS Node log.

MPC Key Share Management

The successfully generated MPC key shares will be encrypted and stored locally in the database file of the TSS Node package. The default path is db/secrets.db.

You are recommended to back up the database file and the password you've used to encrypt the database file when initializing the TSS Node. The two backup files should be stored in separate devices.

For more information, please refer to “MPC Key Share User Guide.”

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