Cobo Custody

Cobo Custody provides comprehensive digital asset custody optimized for institutions. Its tailored custodial solutions include 24-hour support, a comprehensive and customizable risk management policy, and global distribution of private keys. Cobo Custody's clients include exchanges, token funds, projects, digital asset management platforms, and more. Before using Cobo MPC Co-Managed Custody, the client needs to set up an account on Cobo Custody.

Set Up Account

Currently, Cobo Custody is not available to retail clients. If your organization hasn’t activated Cobo Custody yet, please head to or email us at

If your organization has already activated Cobo Custody, please contact your admin to set up your account on Cobo Custody.

Install Authenticators

For verification purposes, you will need to install Google Authenticator.

You are also required to install Cobo Auth, which is a multi-factor authenticator that provides strong security protection for your account. Note that subsequent actions such as withdrawals will need an approval from your Cobo Auth. For more information on Cobo Auth, please click here.

Before installing Cobo Auth, please confirm your current operating environment (i.e. development or production) with your admin.

If you are using the development environment:

  • Please click here to download Cobo Auth from TestFlight.

  • For clients who have already installed the TestFlight version of the Cobo Auth App, you may contact Cobo's customer support directly if the prompt says that the installation package has expired when you open the app. Please do not uninstall the current version. Otherwise, your organization’s admin will need to reset your Cobo Auth on Cobo Custody.

If you are using the production environment:

  • please head to the Apple Store or scan the QR code below to download Cobo Auth. Currently, Cobo Auth is only compatible with iOS.

Activate Account

Once the admin activates your account on Cobo Custody, you will receive an email with an activation link. Please click on the link to complete the activation process.

You will be prompted to create a password for your account, set up Google Authenticator, and install a version of Cobo Auth that fits your operating environment.

Log In

After successfully activating the account, you will receive a confirmation email. You may use the link provided in the email to access Cobo Custody in the future. Please note that each login will require you to enter a verification code from Google Authenticator.

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