Team (Only Visible to Admins)

The admins of an organization can invite team members by heading to “Team” under “Settings” on Cobo Custody Web. The admins can assign different roles to team members, edit their information, freeze/reset passwords for team members, manage their 2FA/Cobo Auth and more. Do note that the admins will need to approve certain actions on their Cobo Auth first.

  • Invite team members: the admin can click on “Invite User” on the upper right-side corner to invite team members. The admin will need to enter each team member’s name and email address, which serves as its unique identifier. The invited team member will receive an activation email (please refer to the “Cobo Custody” section). After account activation, the team member will be assigned the viewer role by default. The admin can assign the team member a different role thereafter.

  • Assign roles (i.e. admin, approver, spender, operator and viewer) to team members:

    • Admin: the admin can invite team members, assign roles to them, edit member information, freeze/reset member passwords and more. The admin can also configure API key, callback mechanism, and the risk control policy of the wallet. The admin will need to approve certain requests on its Cobo Auth first.

    • Approver: the approver can approve or reject transactions based on the risk control policy of the wallet. If the approver is authorized to review all transactions, then every transaction initiated via Cobo Custody Web and API must be approved first by the approver. The approver will need to approve certain requests on its Cobo Auth first.

    • Spender: the spender can initiate withdrawals on Cobo Custody Web. Only the spender can view the “Send” button. The spender must approve each withdrawal request on its Cobo Auth first.

    • Operator: the operator can manage funds in the Cobo wallet (e.g. facilitating OTC exchange, staking, trading, creating wallet, adding coins). The operator is not authorized to modify the risk control policy of the wallet.

    • Viewer (default role): the viewer can review account details such as balance, transaction history, and addresses.

    Note: the administrator has full permissions and is authorized to move funds out of the wallet (e.g. modify the risk control policy/API key of the wallet). Please take note of the privileges granted to the admin. We recommend that you assign a maximum of 1-2 admins. If the admins forget the login passwords, please contact Cobo’s customer support for identity verification and account reset.

  • Edit/delete team members: the admin can head to “Team” under “Settings” and click on a team member’s name to edit its info (e.g. name) or delete the member.

  • Freeze account: The admin can freeze a team member’s account when it is compromised (e.g. account hacked). Transactions within the account will then be blocked. Once the account is deemed as secure, the admin can lift the freeze and restore the account to normal uses. Note that the admin will need to approve this request on its Cobo Auth.

  • Reset password / 2FA: the admin can reset a password / 2FA for the team member if one of these two credentials is lost or compromised. The member will receive a reset email. If both the password and the 2FA of the member are no longer accessible, the admin will need to delete the member first and invite it again for account activation.

  • Reset Cobo Auth: the admin can reset the Cobo Auth for a member if its Cobo Auth is no longer accessible. The admin will need to approve this request on its Cobo Auth first. Once reset, the member can head to “Me” under “Settings” to bind a new Cobo Auth, which will take effect after the 24-hour protection period.

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