Quick Start Guide

This document lists steps each client needs to complete before getting started with Cobo MPC Co-Managed Custody. It also provides instructions to help clients get familiar with Cobo MPC Co-Managed Custody quickly.

Cobo MPC Co-Managed Custody is available in both the production environment and the development environment. A client is recommended to complete all operation processes in the development environment, and complete the TSS Node deployment in the production environment.

Before using Cobo MPC Co-Managed Custody, clients need to be clear on who should participate in each of the following stages:

  • Risk control: administrators with full access rights

  • Disaster recovery: administrators with full access rights, tech supervisors*

  • API integration & TSS Node callback configuration: developers

  • TSS Node configuration: O&M and security individuals*

*Please note that these stages may involve passwords and other sensitive information

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