Cobo Connect

On the homepage, click on "Web3 Access" and select Cobo Connect in the pop-up window. You will be prompted to complete a two-factor authentication first.

In the Cobo Connect extension window, select one or multiple addresses that you want to use to interact with dApps. Then, click on "Connect."

Key information such as the Web3 wallet where the selected address(es) are located, address labels, balances, etc. can be viewed on the Cobo Connect extension.

You can now use your Web3 wallet address(es) to access dApps and NFT marketplaces. For instance, you can head to OpenSea and connect your Cobo Connect. In the pop-up extension window, select the address under your Web3 wallet that you want to use to interact with OpenSea. You will be prompted to sign a message on Cobo Connect and the operator will also need to authorize the request on Cobo Auth. Once done, you can use your selected Web3 wallet address to buy, sell, or transfer NFTs on OpenSea.

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