TSS Node Update

New versions of TSS Node will be released periodically. We recommend that you always upgrade to the latest version. For any major releases that involve key feature upgrades, Cobo’s customer support will inform you in advance.

After you’ve downloaded a new version of the TSS Node package, please make sure to complete the following steps:

  • Terminate the old version of the TSS Node

sudo ./tss-node.sh stop
  • Back up key data (e.g. db/secrets.db, passwords, configuration files, and keys under configs/)

  • Unzip the new version of the TSS Node package to overwrite files in the old version; you can unzip the new version in the folder used by the previous TSS Node package

tar -xzf cobo-tss-node-generic.tgz
  • Check the operating environment of the TSS Node and pull container images

sudo ./tss-node.sh status
  • Start up the new version of the TSS Node

The startup is deemed complete if the new version number and key data (e.g. TSS Node ID) in the log are all accurate.

sudo ./tss-node.sh start

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